Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July Spectators

The Fourth of July, Independence Day in the United States, is a time of public celebration and spectacle. In particular, it occasions the public display of values central to the nation: history, citizenship, unity, etc. Display, of course, depends on spectating; performance is for the benefit of an audience. Below are some historical images related to audiences at the Fourth of July celebrations.

Fire Balloons and Fireworks

Raising a Fire Balloon, 1871
The Illumination of Union Square, New York, 1876

Speeches and Dedications

Fourth of July in the Country, 1867
Fourth of July Celebration, Woodstock, CT, 1870

Parade, New York City, 1834
Centennial Parade, Philadelphia, 1876
Parade, Nome, Alaska, 1916
Parade, Watertown, Wisconsin, 1941

Horse Shows
Military Horsemanship Show, Tacoma, WA, 1918
Horse Show, July 4th, 1914, Rock Creek Park, WA

Games and Contests

July 4th Tug of War, Skagway, Alaska, circa 1910
July 4th Chariot Race, Skagway, Alaska, circa 1910
Fourth of July Carnival, Vale, Oregon, 1941
Fourth of July Beauty Contest, Salisbury, MD, 1940

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