Saturday, March 19, 2011

Audience For Whom or What?

Here's a fun game. Can you guess what the audience depicted below is watching? An FDR speech? Shakespeare in the park? Underdog? The answer is after the jump.

It's a crowd watching a scoreboard from the street during the 1911 Baseball World Series in New York City. Can you imagine--watching only a scoreboard, to keep track of the game? This is a kind of baseball audiencing you don't hear too much about. While similar, I suppose, to the removed position of a listener to a radio broadcast, there was no narrative, here, only tense waiting for the intermittent and incremental changes to the numbers: strike, ball, hit, run. Any narrative was likely generated among the members of the crowd, who look to have been enjoying their camaraderie even as their attention was focused elsewhere.

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  1. Nice observation, Dan. It's a bit like watching your email or your facebook wall for updates. You don't see, hear, or even experience those updates. You just get a one sentence synopsis.
    - VincentY